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Experience Awesomeness at Sangam

Executive Class Your own exclusive space

  • . Sofas for two that can be booked only in pairs
  • . Amazing leg room/ seat width
  • . Available in all our screens

South Asia's most Power packed Atmos System

What's Atmos?

In an Atmos theatre, sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the action. A new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting objects moving overhead, all of it with astonishing clarity, richness, detail and depth.


  • . Silver screens by Harkness

Delicious Menu

  • . Enabled with an 8000sq.ft. Hi-tech Kitchen
  • . Entire range of food is prepared within our premises
  • . Freshly made before each show
  • . Cooked and crafted by 3 full time chefs
  • . A wide range of food and beverages can be bought at our concession stands
  • . Corns used for popcorn are imported from New Zealand
  • . We do not use pork or beef in any of our food preparations


  • . Packaging used for serving food and beverages are disposable and are not used again
  • . Every staff at concession stands wear gloves while serving
  • . The chefs as well as the Asst. chefs wear chef's hats and disposable gloves while cooking
  • . Only RO or mineral water is used for preparing food and beverages

Easy Ticketing

Our online ticketing portal, www.sangamcinemas.com allows you to book tickets in just few clicks. Along with tickets, the portal offers you the flexibility to order Food and Beverage too. You can also track and book upcoming movies, watch trailers and do a whole lot more.

For greater convenience, the spacious ticketing lounge at the cinema are open from 9.00 am to 11.30 pm. With 5 ticketing windows, your wait to book tickets is considerably reduced.

Barco 4K 3D projection

Barco projectors are specially designed to display stunning 4K 3D images with superb brightness and vibrant colors and to ensure razor-sharp movie experience on premium cinema screens. Combined with Atmos, these projectors create a movie experience at par with the world's best.


  • . Barco 32B 4K 3D Projector


  • . Barco 23B 4K 3D Projector


  • . Barco 19B 4K 3D Projector

Array Systems

A Line Array sound system provides the ability to reach all spectators with the same quality and volume, regardless of where they are seated. For the first time, Left + Right +Centre Array speakers accompanied by an array of subwoofers (QSC Premium Dual Subwoofers - 14 stack array) have been installed at Sangam. To make it even better, we installed the first right and left surround speakers with Platinum Array Pulz Quartet Premium line array speakers for surround application with rigging, which allows us to achieve 105 DB sound. The system also is fitted with 4 top of the notch hi-tech QSC surround subwoofers.

With a total of 60 surround speakers (QSC 1590 speakers), out of which 20 are ceiling speakers and 40 are surround speakers, Screen Sangam is installed with South Asia's most power packed Atmos Sound System.

We have also used several high end processors and AMPS 21 QSC DPA 4.5 amps for the finest output.


  • . South Asia's most power packed Atmos System
  • . Premium QSC Surround Speakers (QSC 1590)
  • . Stage Platinum array quartet
  • . QSC premium dual subwoofers 14 stack array
  • . QSC SB 1180 surround sub
  • . Front surround platinum array Pulz quartet premium line array speakers for surround application with rigging
  • . Amplifiers by QSC (QSC DPA 4.5 amps)
  • . Atmos processor


  • . South Asia's most power packed Atmos System
  • . 18 Sound Italian Surround Speakers
  • . 4 Way High Power 18 Sound Italian Speaker System
  • . 18 Sound High Power Subwoofer System
  • . QSC Amplifiers


  • . 4 Way JBL Stage Speakers
  • . Dual Rack JBL Subwoofer
  • . QSC Amplifier / AP20 Processor