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A total of 887 seats is our giant arena, out of which 226 seats come under the Executive class (Twin sofas), 566 seats come under the Corporate class, 95 seats come under the Budget class.


A total of 468 seats is our screen 2, out of which 144 seats come under the Executive class (Twin sofas), 270 seats come under the Corporate class and 54 seats come under the Budget class.


A total of 294 seats is our screen 3, out of which 108 seats come under the Executive class (Twin sofas), 156 seats come under the Corporate class and 30 seats come under the Budget class.

Sky 11

Sky 11 will be our screen 4, which will be a luxury screen which will be open to the public soon which will be a 250 seater screen.


Every product used in our food and beverage department is branded and quality checked. We make sure that it is served at the maximum hygiene level possible. To make sure this is possible we do not out source any daily consumable products we also have our own in house food brand called BLUE. And at our food counters we have hired catering personalities to ensure professional service. To make it even better for our clients we sell all our products at the printed M.R.P price only.

Our current total number of audience per day is 6596, out of which we have a 68% average footfall on weekdays which will be a total of 4485 people and a 94% foot fall on weekends which will be a total of 6200 people visiting our cinemas per day.


Our ticketing is completely computerised and all our counters are connected to a high level server reducing the error rate to nil; we have round the clock ticketing counters (9.00am to 11.30 pm). We also have door delivery of tickets, Tele booking for tickets and a customized live web site (www.sangamcinemas.com) for online ticketing here you can book your tickets live; we have now introduced a new 800 sq ft user friendly ticketing lounge with 5 ticketing windows for faster and easier ticketing. We also have a ticketing window separately for ladies/senior citizens and a red carpet ticketing window for the Executive class clients. We also have a separate department (Projects and Events Department) that takes care of our corporate clients with special bookings for them.


All our present screens are equipped with the top of the line technology matching any world class cinema. Projection: Xenon projection
Platter system
Carbon Projection
1.3K dual lamp high resolution ray digital projectors
Satellite connected Qube servers

All our lobbies and restrooms were recently renovated to match multiplex standards. We also have redone our entire theatre seating and interiors to give maximum comfort to our audience.

We have also implemented a new class called the Executive class which complies of leather sofas (a theatre home experience). Apart from Executive we also have classes such as the Corporate class and the Budget class.


A total digital theatrical sound technology
JBL woofer and surround speakers,
3way amplifiers,
3 way speakers,
Multi level crossover.